Why COHIRE is Cool


If there’s one thing that the current situation induced reality has hammered into us, then it is the inevitability of living with very tangible changes. Some of these changes have necessitated new ways of working, living and doing business.   For organizations  caught in the quandary of balancing imperatives with human resource factors, the challenges are many.  We have all been witness to headlines announcing the ‘firing’ of employees  by enterprises across segments in recent times. These are certainly not easy decisions for organizations. Not only do they come with a baggage of unpleasantness, but they also mean that all the investments that went into hiring and training these professionals have come to nought. And then there are also the other hidden costs to be reckoned with.

As an organizational head, you must be constantly battling with the necessity of handing out the ‘pink  slips’.  Well, there is a way out. What if you could leverage the best of professional expertise without having to go through the direct and indirect costs associated with  hiring and firing manpower?  Enter the concept of CoHire – a game changing new concept that offers you the best of both worlds.

Why CoHire?

CoHire is to human resource management, what Co-Works as a concept was to office space management. Essentially the idea inherent in the  CoHire concept is that by agreeing to share a top-notch C-level manager with another organization pursuing non-conflicting business,  any start-up can now onboard a CXO of its choice. And guess what? This can happen in an affordable and speedy manner with no recruitment cost to boot.

This means that C-level business leaders such as a CMO, CFO, CTO, CSO, CDMO, CHRO and CPRO with years of domain experience and expertise across areas like marketing, sales, technology, finance, products, etc., can now be yours for the taking with considerable cost and other advantages.

So how exactly does CoHire help you?


The plug and play edge PnP as a concept resonates with most business models today. By applying it to the hiring space, you can not only expand opportunities, but also accelerate them, something that is considerably restricted in a traditional work model.

 Strength in Flexibility:  In today’s times, being agile and flexible is a near virtue, particularly  in the professional context. CoHire, by default, ensures flexibility in working hours and resource utilization for senior level professionals. This  can lead to more efficient management of time and space.

Strategic Exposure – The CoHire concept also implies that a C Level professional you co-hire also comes with the added advantage of being simultaneously associated with other organizations and thus having multi-industry, and possibly, multidisciplinary exposure. This can be leveraged to your best organizational advantage.

Well, the advantages are many. But you get the drift. During times when the business environment is caught in a flux of uncertainties, concepts like CoHire can help organizations transition seamlessly to a new working mode, one that comes with strategic benefits .

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