Hire Fractional Digital Marketing Officer

Now that the entire world is going online, it has become really challenging for companies to create a strong digital presence for their brand. Business strategies are often driven by digital engagement. This makes it inevitable for you to develop an excellent presence online. This also helps your brand to achieve new heights.

However, if you lack the required skills and expertise to master your business’s marketing aspects, the best thing you can do is hire a marketing expert who can help you improve your business campaigns and achieve your marketing goals. 

Well, it is not always possible for all companies to hire a marketing expert on a full-time basis.  In such a situation, the best option that you have in hand is to bring on a fractional digital marketing officer to your organization and achieve all your marketing goals.

What is a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer?

A fractional digital marketing officer has a crucial role to play in helping you take your marketing game to a new level. The chief DMO is an important asset to your business. They bring to the table the experience and expertise of a full-time chief marketing officer without the cost involved. The fractional digital marketing officer’s job role is highly versatile. They can perform a plethora of marketing tasks on a flexible payroll.

Chief DMOs can help develop strategic road maps for your business that are aligned with your company’s unique goals and objectives. You can also rely on the fractional digital marketing officer services to manage your marketing team. A great fractional DMO is also quite ideal for high-level management; they can give a strategic direction to your marketing efforts and ensure that you are able to achieve consistent and measurable results through your marketing campaigns.

So, a fractional digital marketing officer can be called a jack of all marketing-related trades of your organization. A fractional DMO is someone whom you can reach out to for all your marketing needs. The DMO is also responsible for helping you make a presence for yourself in the competitive world. This makes them uniquely equipped to manage the marketing aspects of your company.

Onboarding a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer: Why Is It Crucial?

Now, you must be wondering why there is a need for this role for your company. There are times when you do not know how exactly you are going to scale your marketing efforts. This mainly happens when your company lacks the strategic insights to up your marketing game. In such a case, it is quite ideal for you to hire a fractional digital marketing officer. The fractional DMO will acquire a clear understanding of your target customers. This will help you devise a plan to position your business for success. That way, you can execute your marketing strategies effectively and get a leg up in your industry.

How a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer Can Drive Growth for Your Business?

The main responsibility of a fractional DMO is to offer your company strategic insight so that you are easily able to achieve your marketing goals. With the help of a fractional DMO, you can take your marketing game to a completely new level. You can also create a unique position for your brand in this highly competitive world.

Here are some of the crucial fractional digital marketing officer roles:

  • Leading various market research projects.
  • Understanding the target market and the audience.
  • Developing effective campaigns.
  • Conducting analysis and optimisation of marketing data.
  • Giving a strategic direction to the organization.
  • Leading the marketing team.
  • Brand positioning.

KRA of a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer 

Fractional digital marketing experts offer a wide range of online marketing services. Yes, businesses can be uber-specific about their marketing needs. However, it is still worthwhile to know that you have a marketing expert who has ideas for all forms of marketing. Here are some of the top fractional digital marketing officer services offered by the DMO. These services will help you generate new leads, drive traffic, and also attract new customers for your business:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Web design and development
  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising 
  • Content marketing

Benefits of Onboarding a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer from COHIRE 

Expertise and specialization: This is the biggest benefit of onboarding a fractional digital marketing expert. They have specialized expertise in different areas of marketing and use their in-depth knowledge to create highly lucrative campaigns that easily resonate with the target audience.

Time and cost efficiency: Engaging a fractional digital marketing officer can save some costs for your company. You can bring in the expertise of a chief digital marketing officer without having to pay them a full-time salary. You can also gain insightful business results within the shortest period.

Lead generation: This is yet another benefit of appointing a fractional digital marketing officer. You can generate potential leads for your business, which will help you acquire measurable results and give your business excellent success.

Staying relevant: As you know, the digital marketing world is constantly growing. Numerous algorithms and digital platforms are introduced every day. By employing a fractional digital marketing officer, you can easily keep up with these changes. These ensure that your business remains ahead of the curve.

Flexibility and scalability: With a fractional digital marketing officer by your side, you can enjoy enhancement in your business. These marketing officers can easily help your business adapt to changing marketing conditions and growth opportunities. You will also be able to stay relevant at all times.

Finding the Perfect Fit: How to Choose Your Fractional DMO? 

Understand your business goals: You need to know what exactly you wish to accomplish by hiring a digital marketing officer. Is it business growth or improved ROI? Depending on your needs, you can choose your fractional DMO.

Identify the business gaps: The next step is to find out what you expect in your business and communicate them to the candidate. This helps you to understand how suitable the candidate is for fulfilling your business needs.

Consider the expertise and experience: Next, you are required to have an idea of the expertise and experience of the fractional digital marketing officer. Always go for one such DMO who has specialized experience in your particular area of marketing. This will make it easier for you to fulfill your business goals.

Job Description of a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer :

A fractional DMO will do all the things a traditional DMO will do but at a cheaper cost. They will help generate more leads for your business. They can offer you strategic marketing guidance to shape marketing strategies and trigger business growth.

The Remuneration of a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer:

A fractional DMO offers services that are quite similar to that of a full-time Digital Marketing Officer. However, as they work part-time for your organization, their services come at a fraction of the cost of a permanent DMO. The exact remuneration of a fractional DMO depends on multiple factors like years of experience, the hours they allocate to your company, the complexity of the project that they are working on, etc.

How to Onboard a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer? 

Now, you can easily appoint a fractional DMO from COHIRE in just three simple steps: 

  • Understand your exact business requirements and share them with the experts at COHIRE. 
  • Pick from the list of shortlisted candidates. 
  • Witness a complete difference in your business’s marketing strategy.

H2: Why is COHIRE the Best Platform for Appointing a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer?

COHIRE stands out as one of the best platforms for engaging a fractional DMO.  The platform provides experienced digital marketing officers who can help transform your digital marketing journey. They set new benchmarks for your business. You can easily bridge the gaps in your business’s digital marketing strategies. This is one step closer to achieving all your business goals with our services. A lot of organizations have already immensely benefited from our services. So why wait? Reach out to us today to onboard the most potential digital marketing officer. You can contact us to learn more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What difference will a fractional digital marketing officer bring to my company?

The fractional DMO will mainly focus on bringing digital transformation to the company. They will help you fulfill your marketing goals and stay ahead of your competitors.

2. Will I be able to accommodate a fractional DMO even if I operate under a tight budget?

Yes, the services of a fractional DMO come at a much lower cost than those of a full-time DMO. So, you can easily employ a fractional digital marketing chief even if you are low on resources.