Hire Fractional CSO

Does your company’s sales department need a new vision and perspective? Don’t have the budget to bring in a permanent CSO? Well, now you can avail yourself of COHIRE’s services and engage with a fractional CSO for your company.

Who Is A Fractional CSO?

You must already be aware of the job role of Chief Sales Officer. A Chief Sales Officer sits at the top of the company’s sales department. The CSO is a full-time executive responsible for managing revenue growth, sales development, customer success initiatives, etc., for the company. So, businesses that are willing to give an excellent kick-start to their sales strategies must consider bringing in the expertise and experience of a CSO. However, in this highly competitive world, finding the right Chief Sales Officer can be quite a challenge. A lot of early growth-stage companies find it really difficult to appoint a Chief Sales Officer permanently, mainly because of a tight budget. This is where COHIRE steps in with its fractional CSO concept. 

A fractional Chief Sales Officer acts as a strategic lead for the organization. Fractional CSOs are available on a part-time basis and have a big role to play in revolutionizing a company’s sales strategies. These experts have already served the role of a CSO or CRO for other organizations, and they have the required experience and knowledge to get the sales department running with minimal onboarding time and at a far lower cost than a full-time CSO.

Why Should You Consider Appointing A Fractional CSO?

Three main situations in which you need the services of a fractional CSO:

  • Your company has recently started experiencing growth, and you need to restructure your selling function.
  • Your company has lost its sales leader, and you want to maintain your sales momentum without spending a lot of time searching for a permanent CSO.
  •  You are looking for a fresh perspective on your sales strategy without having to undergo a lengthy recruitment process.

Benefits of engaging a fractional CSO in your company:

  • A fractional CSO offers your company the required flexibility in terms of the sales department. You are able to keep your recruitment expenses low and allocate more of your budget for core business aspects.
  • A fractional CSO is suitable for companies that do not need executive leadership and want to focus more on the execution, planning, communication, and analysis of sales strategies.
  • A fractional CSO is a valuable asset if you are willing to build a robust sales department and bridge the knowledge gap at your company.

The Core Responsibilities of a Fractional CSO:

A fractional CSO is responsible for investigating the business’s current sales objectives, identifying areas for improvement, and developing plans to increase sales and retain customers. The CSO also works closely with the sales team to align business goals and provide insights on strategic decision-making.

Key responsibilities of a fractional CSO:

  • Designing and fine-tuning sales strategies.
  • Offering to coach the sales managers and advisors.
  • Working as a senior advisor to the CEO and the leadership team.
  • Overseeing the various functions of sales operations, including sales reporting and sales process.
  • Leading the sales hiring and onboarding process.

How Does a Fractional CSO Help to Tap Into Proven Sales Strategies?

A fractional CSO works with a company to implement and develop a revenue growth plan, identify market opportunities, and optimize the current revenue generation process. A fractional CSO also brings a fresh perspective and outside knowledge to the business. They are responsible for driving innovation and increasing a company’s customer base. You can also depend on the fractional CSO to help achieve the company’s financial objectives.

Services Offered by a Fractional CSO:

Fractional CSOs are your big-picture thinkers. They help you define a long-term vision for your company while outlining a clear path for execution across different functional areas. Fractional CSOs also help architect the company’s business model and stay relevant to the latest market trends.

Major services offered by a fractional CSO:

Business strategy development: A fractional CSO helps develop a business strategy that will help you take your company to new heights.

Business planning: You can rely on the expertise of fractional CSOs to make business plans that will help you meet your company goals and objectives.

Business model development: A fractional CSO is a master of business model development and optimization. They can shape the existing business model and chart a plan for further refinement.

Pricing strategy development: With a fractional CSO by your side, you can easily develop the perfect pricing strategy for your goods and services.

Assessment of capabilities of your company’s competitors: A fractional CSO also analyses the core capabilities of your competitors and helps you give your business a competitive advantage.

Perks of Partnering With a Fractional CSO from COHIRE 

1. Get access to cost-effective leadership and expertise:

Partnering with a full-time CSO may not always be economical for business, especially for companies that are still in the early stages. The good news? Now, you can opt for the services of a fractional CSO in place of a full-time CSO. The fractional CSO offers cost-effective alternatives to permanent positions that deliver strategic leadership at a fraction of the time and cost commitment.

2. Work with seasoned industrial experts: 

If your in-house sales team lacks the necessary skills and expertise to navigate challenges like high product costs and lengthy product development processes, appointing a fractional CSO can be really useful from your business point of view. The fractional CSO can fill the leadership gap. They also come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows the sales team to improve their product performance and reliability.

3. Get new perspectives and faster results:

Unlike permanent traditional executives who spend most of their time building relationships, fractional CSOs prioritize navigating immediate challenges and generating quick results. They also bring in fresh commitment to the organization and drive business growth and efficiency. Bringing on board a fractional CSO can open your business to new opportunities. A fractional CSO also brings a new vision, C-Level experience, and expertise without the cost and commitment of a permanent employee.

How Do You Pick the Best Fractional CSO for Your Company?

  1. Consider the expertise and experience: Your fractional CSO must have the required expertise and experience to enhance your company’s existing sales department.
  2. Assess the decision-making abilities: As the fractional CSO becomes part of the company’s leadership team, he must possess the necessary decision-making skills to lead your organization to success.
  3. Look for industry-specific skills: Your fractional CSO must possess industry-specific skills to guide your company in the right direction.

Also, while partnering with a fractional CSO, you must define the deliverables that you expect from him. This will help you ensure that you are the right fit for your job role.

Sounds overwhelming, right? Well, now you no longer have to undergo an elaborate process while appointing a fractional CSO. All you need to do is contact the experts at COHIRE, and you are good to go.

Standard Job Description of a Fractional CSO:

A fractional Chief Sales Officer is an interim chief of your organization’s sales department. The main responsibility of the fractional CSO is to give an immediate boost to the organization’s sales department. A fractional CSO has the necessary experience and proven track record of helping companies achieve their sales growth. They also design growth strategies and help companies generate excellent revenue from their business.

Average Remuneration Associated With Engaging a Fractional CSO

A fractional CSO offers services similar to that of a permanent CSO but at a lower price tag. Their remunerations are mostly on an hourly or project basis. The salary mostly depends on the following factors: 

  • Their years of experience
  • Expertise that they bring to the table
  • Track record
  • Current scope of work
  • Value of the final outcome that they will be responsible for delivering 

Steps of Hiring a Fractional CSO?

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how you can engage with a fractional CSO for your company:

  1. Share with us in-depth details of the gaps in your business and the problems that you are currently facing.
  2. Assess and pick your fractional Chief Sales Officer from our handpicked experts.
  3. Set new benchmarks for your business and take your business to new heights.

COHIRE: The Best Platform to Hire a Fractional Chief Sales Officer

COHIRE serves as the ultimate platform to fast-track business growth and navigate challenges for your business. We allow you to partner with seasoned industry experts who will help you solve your business issues without you having to allocate a huge budget to the same. Top companies like Samsung, TCS, Accenture, and IBM have already benefited from our services. So, get in touch with COHIRE today and appoint the best fractional CSO for your organization without having to spend a lot of time and money on the same.

Get Top-Tier Sales Leadership By Bringing In a Fractional CSO To Your Company!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do Fractional CSOs typically work in-person or virtually?

A fractional CSO can work either in-person or virtually. Sometimes, they work in a hybrid arrangement as well. You just need to convey your exact requirements to COHIRE, and then you can pick the best fractional CSO for your company based on your needs.

2. When should a startup bring in a Fractional CSO?

If you feel your company’s sales department is not performing as well as it is supposed to and is failing to bring in the desired revenue, then you can consider partnering with a fractional CSO. A fractional CSO is also a perfect fit for all those companies that are looking for the right leadership for their sales department but do not have the budget to hire a permanent CSO.