Hire Fractional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

In a world where data is a company asset, the threat of data breaches is rising every day. A dedicated leadership role for data security is non-negotiable. A chief information security officer is a security executive who safeguards the company’s IT networks, applications, and data from the bad guys of the dark web. There is no security challenge that is unknown to a seasoned CISO. They are equipped with rules, laws, and in-depth knowledge about cyber-security and armed with tools and techniques to protect sensitive information. But can small-scale companies leverage the expertise of a CISO without wrecking their budgets? With Fractional CISO services, the answer is yes!

Who is a Fractional CISO?

A chief information and security officer is an indispensable part of every organization that prioritizes data safety and security. However, due to cost considerations hiring an in-house, full-time CISO is not an option for many companies, especially the smaller businesses. It is where a high-pedigree Fractional CISO takes center stage. They are industry professionals with a passion for cyber-security backed by technical know-how. But don’t be misled by the term ‘Fractional.’ The role of a Fractional CISO is flexible and scalable-two essential qualities for growing small businesses. A Fractional CISO fulfills all the responsibilities of a full-time, in-house CISO in a cost-effective way.

Fractional CISO is an important leadership role in modern companies. It may be a new-age C-suite executive. However, there is no denying that companies can become vulnerable without these knowledge experts. A Fractional CISO develops strategies for cyber-security and data protection by adhering to the existing regulations and implementing industry best practices. They also audit the existing security processes to assess their efficiency and identify the loopholes, which render the strategies weak and inefficient. Risk assessment and management is also a key part of their duties as a Fractional CISO. 

Why should you onboard a Fractional CISO to improve your company’s IT security?

Collaborating with a Fractional CISO ensures that you access high-level, industry-specific knowledge without exhausting your budget. Additionally, you get objective input for the security strategies, and your internal team gets top-level training and stays future-ready. Ultimately, onboarding a Fractional CISO allows your company to enjoy enhanced IT and cyber security. 

Key responsibilities of a Fractional CISO:

A Fractional CISO primarily fills the knowledge gap and sets your business on a path of improved cyber-security practices. Some of the key responsibilities of a Fractional CISO includes:

  • Analyzing IT threats and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Forecast future challenges and prepare the team.
  • Ensure IT and cyber-security-related regulations are properly followed.
  • Designing KPIs for performance management.
  • Offer consultation and equip the internal team with best practices
  • Leverage technology like SaaS products for risk and compliance management. 

Understanding how a Fractional CISO works:

Fractional CISOs offer strategic guidance to the company for a specific cyber-security project. However, sometimes, they also offer ongoing support to improve the organization’s IT security measures. Their job primarily revolves around risk management and compliance. From developing infallible strategies to communicating with the IT department and monitoring security measures, a Fractional CISO has many roles to play in an organization. 

How can businesses benefit from onboarding a high-pedigree Fractional CISO?

Not sure if your business needs a CISO? Here are four benefits that make a compelling case in favor of onboarding Fractional CISOs:

  1. Your company can leverage the knowledge and wisdom of a top-level security expert at a fraction of the cost.
  2. You can cut back operational costs by ditching unnecessary and ineffective security methods and adopting the ones that drive results. You can also expect a return on investment through increased process efficiency. 
  3. The Fractional CISO role is flexible and scalable. Therefore, you can expand or scale down the scope of the role depending on the budget, complexity, and needs of the company without losing any money. 
  4. You can expect tangible and realistic results in IT and cyber-security as the Fractional CISO employs their industry expertise and best practices for reforming security practices in your organization.

Services offered by a Fractional CISO:

After onboarding a Fractional CISO, these are some of the services you can expect:

  • Developing IT and cyber security strategies
  • Providing security awareness training to the IT and cybersecurity team
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the IT strategies and fixing the gaps
  • Assessing existing and future risks and prompt risk mitigation
  • Framing the KPIs for measuring security performance
  • Ensuring the business follows the data regulations closely and stays compliant with the law

Tips for selecting the ideal Fractional CISO:

While COHIRE is here to help you find the best match for your Fractional CISO, it is always good to know what key features the perfect chief information and security officer must have. Here are our top three picks:

  1. The CISO should possess strong critical thinking and analytical capabilities. It is essential to assess current risk and forecast future issues as well as find unerring mitigation methods. 
  2. Don’t forget to look for the Fractional CISO’s technical expertise and ability to comprehend IT and cyber-security laws. You may also want to assess their technological agility since tech plays a vital role in cyber-security. Awareness of up-and-coming security rules and trends is a plus. 
  3. Since the Fractional CISO is a leadership role, the ideal CISO should possess impeccable leadership and communication skills, especially since they will head a team as an external resource for a short period. They should be able to nurture a culture of security and critical thinking within the company. 

Job description of a Fractional CISO:

The primary role of a Fractional CISO will be to prepare the organization and the internal cyber-security team for IT threats and risks by developing effective security strategies, audits, and training. The ideal top-level executive will also oversee compliance, monitor, and report the efficacy of strategies. Finally, they will lead the company toward regulatory success. 

Standard pay-package of a Fractional CISO:

The remuneration of a Fractional CISO is flexible and depends on a plethora of factors such as the industry, size of the company, complexity of work, and the individual’s years of experience. Fractional CISOs with several years of industry experience and knowledge may cost more than the others. 

Hiring an expert Fractional CISO made easy with COHIRE:

COHIRE has come up with an 8-step process for finding the ideal professional Fractional CISO for your company. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: We hear about your IT concerns and goals 

Step 2: We make the perfect ad to attract only the best profiles for CISOs

Step 3: Using ATS, we track and process the applications

Step 4: We review the profiles and shortlist only the best matches

Step 5: You meet these shortlisted profiles for an interview

Step 6: We do a little more digging to tell you more about the ideal candidate, such as relevant industry experience, case studies, etc.

Step 7: Finally, we check the references and background of the chosen Fractional CISO

Step 8: You onboard a Fractional CISO and enjoy enhanced data security 

COHIRE: Your one-stop destination for finding top Fractional CISO

COHIRE helps your onboard high-pedigree C-Suite executives, such as Fractional CISOs, through a systematic process. Our hiring experts ensure that the top-level executive understands your company’s IT and cyber security needs and aligns with your company’s culture for seamless integration. Finally, COHIRE provides peaceful conflict resolution and mitigation services between the C-suite executives and the client companies.


1. What is a Fractional CISO? What’s a virtual CISO?

A Fractional CISO is a C-suite executive, responsible for framing strong, and foolproof IT and cyber security strategies to protect the business, its data, and IT networks. A virtual CISO associated with the company on a part-time basis. 

2. Why does my organization need a CISO?

Your company has a massive volume of sensitive and valuable information like customer, sales, and financial data, which can lead to significant business losses if it is stolen or breached. A Fractional CISO leverages their expertise to strengthen your cybersecurity team and safeguard all the priceless data from falling into the wrong hands.