Hire Fractional CMO to Drive Your Marketing Growth

Does your business need someone to OWN the marketing ops? Does your business lack
direction in terms of marketing? Yet, is it not possible for you to hire a full-time head of
marketing? Then, your business will get a huge advantage by hiring a fractional CMO.

Leverage the expertise, experience & seniority of a CMO – flexibly and affordably!

What Is a Fractional CMO Anyway?
A fractional CMO is your sustainable shortcut to bring experience and vision to your marketing department. This is not just a consultant position. A fractional chief marketing officer heads your marketing ops, lays down a roadmap based on your company’s long-term vision, and gives a structure to your entire marketing strategy.

The only difference is they will not be working only for your company- at least, with one more or two companies simultaneously. However, your company will be taking advantage of the same level of seniority and expertise as it would if it hired a full-time CMO.

● C-Suite Level Marketing Expertise
● Value For Money
● A Direction To Your Marketing Strategy
● Real business growth

Meet COHIRE – India’s 1st Fractional CXO Platform Where Businesses
and CMOs Connect & Collaborate

COHIRE is a perfect medium for businesses to search for C-Suite Marketing Experts, brand
experts and communications professionals. Stand on the shoulder of an experienced CMO in just three easy steps:

● Tell us your unique needs and challenges.
● Gain access to a list of handpicked CMOs.
● Choose the CMO who is best fit for your business needs – on a pro rata basis.

Spend less on a CMO, but take advantage of the same level of expertise and experience.

Do You Need a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?
A fractional Chief Marketing Officer can work wonders if they are engaged for all the right
reasons. Ask these two questions to identify whether your business needs a CMO on a pro rata basis:

  1. Does your marketing department need a ‘head’ or some ‘hands’?

A fractional CMO gives a clear direction to your marketing strategies. They are the people who provide a roadmap, point out the problems, and provide solutions to those problems. Their responsibility does not end there; they take charge of the execution and remain fully invested during the process, driving the team towards desired goals. Delivering end results is one of the important components of a fractional CMO’s KPIs.

So, if your business lacks a vision in terms of marketing and needs extensive guidance, then a fractional chief marketing officer can be of immense help. They act as the strategic leaders.

2. Is your business not ‘there’ yet to hire a full-time CMO?

Full-time, dedicated CMOs are as valuable as diamonds. Unfortunately, they are also
prohibitively expensive. If your business isn’t that big yet, you might not be able to afford a full- time CMO. Yet, if you think your business really needs a CMO to scale, then you must go the fractional route. It addresses the financial hurdle in hiring a full-time CMO. Your business gets to leverage the seniority and experience of a chief marketing officer.

What To Expect When You Hire a Fractional CMO From COHIRE?
You no longer have to execute marketing strategies blindfolded. That’s the biggest benefit of hiring a CMO on a pro rata basis. Here are the roles and responsibilities of a fractional Chief Marketing Officer:

Strategy Formulation:
Such a CMO leverages his years of marketing experience to formulate a sustainable and
practical marketing roadmap for your business. The aim is to give your business direction in terms of marketing and communication.

Problem Identification:
Such a CMO-on-demand identifies bottlenecks and issues affecting your marketing strategies. However, this is not just some generic problem-identification process. The CMO uses his or her marketing acumen to identify the REAL issues.

Problem Solving:
The fractional Chief Marketing Officer provides long-term solutions to the problems identified -solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business. Their marketing strategies are aligned with these solutions.

Leadership & Hand Holding:
The CMO owns your entire marketing operations, provides 360-degree guidance, and guides you through the entire execution of the strategies they suggest. This CMO-on-demand lights the dark marketing tunnel with his or her experience and expertise.

COHIRE Fractional CMO Services:
These are the services offered by all the CMOs provided by COHIRE:
● Developing Marketing Campaigns
A fractional CMO provides a strategic direction to the marketing campaigns undertaken by your company. What should be the best marketing channel for your business? How should your campaigns be structured? What should the budget, duration, and type be? The CMO provides clarity regarding all these questions.

● Managing External Marketing Agencies
Startups and growing businesses might not always have a strong internal marketing team. They need to hire external agencies to execute marketing strategies. A virtual CMO from COHIRE plays a huge role in vetting these agencies, establishing their KPIs and setting clear goals for the external agency.

● Bridging The Gap Between Sales and Marketing
Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same coin. One completes the other. An experienced C-level marketing officer knows this for a fact. The person ensures that your sales and marketing strategies are aligned with each other so that the ultimate objective of getting more business is fulfilled in a more comprehensive manner.

● Giving a Definitive Shape To Branding & Communication:
Most startups and businesses don’t have a definitive branding & communication framework ready for them. That’s because they are in a trial-and-error mode. They don’t know what works and what doesn’t work for them. These businesses can immensely benefit from the experience of a virtual CMO and formulate a definitive roadmap for their branding and communication strategies.

● Owning The Marketing Operations
A virtual CMO owns the marketing ops, leads it and provides an actionable roadmap to your junior marketers and managers. Such a CMO uses his extensive knowledge and experience to figure out what works best for your business and how to go ahead with it.

Take Your Business Growth To The Next Level With the Guidance
From a Fractional CMO

Hiring a CMO on a pro rata basis might just be the best strategic decision for your business.
Here’s why:

A CMO will provide the necessary expertise that comes from experience

● CMOs drive the success of your marketing team by providing a clear marketing
● A CMO can identify the bottlenecks that are dragging your marketing strategies behind.
They can then deftly address these bottlenecks
● Above all, a fractional CMO fills the gap in your marketing team’s expertise, leads the
way and gives a structure to your marketing strategies.

● Marketing Automation
The primary job of a fractional chief marketing officer is to make sure that the lack of an internal marketing team does not interfere with a company’s growth. Any CMO you get from COHIRE has this end objective in mind. To achieve this objective, the CMO leads the execution team in automating your marketing efforts.

Why Choose COHIRE To Hire a Fractional CMO
Hiring a fractional CMO comes with its own set of challenges.
Challenge 1: The CMO might not actually be a CMO! They might just be a senior marketing
Challenge 2: The CMO’s vision might not align with that of yours.
Challenge 3: The CMO might not have the expertise that you are looking for.

Hiring a wrong fractional CMO can lead to more problems than solutions.

COHIRE: The Perfect Platform For Hiring a Fractional CMO
COHIRE does the heavy-lifting for you and presents you with a list of virtual CMOs who can be the best fit for your business. You just have to state your requirements. From this hand-picked list, we choose the one who is the perfect fit for your business.

Here’s How The Entire Selection Process Takes Place:

  • Step 1: Discovery Call & Requirement Analysis: We connect with your business to know as
  • much information about your requirements as possible.
  • Step 2: CMO Match & Meeting Setup: We handpick (from a pool of 100+ CMOs) the best-
  • match CMOs based on your requirements.
  • Step 3: Screening & Selection: We set up a meeting between your team and the candidates
  • for further screening. You can then select the one who is the perfect fit.
  • Step 4: Hiring: Your business growth begins.

Average Salary of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

According to India’s top platforms providing industry insights, the compensation of a Fractional CMO can vary from Rs. 25 lakhs per annum to Rs. 50 lakhs per annum. The salary primarily depends on the requirements of the company, the expertise of the CMO, and the business objectives that need to be fulfilled.

What Does a Fractional CMO Job Description Look Like?

This is where it gets interesting. There are three kinds of fractional CMO job descriptions that you can see on the web:

The first one reads as if the CMO will be working as a junior marketing officer. Such job descriptions go like this, “Work alongside the best executives and learn marketing strategies as a CMO…” It is advisable to ignore such job descriptions.

The second job description reads as if the company is hiring an advisor instead of a fractional CMO.

A proper fractional CMO job description reads like this:

“We need a fractional CMO who will lead our marketing team, develop marketing campaigns that align with our objectives and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to craft a streamlined marketing strategy…”

The Bottomline:

A CMO is the brain of your marketing department. So, if you can’t hire a full-time CMP but want the marketing expertise of someone serving a Fortune 500 company, you must opt for a fractional one. Because, in marketing, strategy is as important as execution.

COHIRE offers fractional CMOs on a monthly retainer, so you pay only for the time you need to achieve your business goals.


1. How to find and engage a fractional CMO?

Ans. You can find and hire a fractional CMO from the COHIRE platform. The benefit of using this platform is the fact that all the CMOs listed here are vetted by the platform. Hence, the risk of a wrong hire is largely mitigated.

2. When should a growing organization bring in a fractional CMO?

Ans. A growing organization should bring in a fractional CMO when it feels like it needs a ‘head’ for the ‘hands’ to work efficiently. In other words, whenever a company feels like a more clear marketing direction might be helpful, it should hire a fractional CMO.

2. What should I look for in a fractional CMO?

Ans. The first and foremost thing that you should look for is whether the person really has C-suite level experience. Secondly, the prospective CMO-on-demand should be able to provide the expertise that you need. Most importantly, the vision of such a CMO must be aligned with yours.

3. How many years of experience do fractional CMOs possess?

Ans. There isn’t a definitive answer, but since fractional CMOs are C-level executives, they should ideally possess a minimum 20 years of experience in their respective domains.