Hire Fractional CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Fractional CEOs have become an indispensable need for mid-sized businesses and growing startups. These interim executives help trigger organizational growth and drive business efficiency. However, most companies are not aware of how to locate the ideal candidate for the position of a fractional CEO.

Enter COHIRE, the ultimate destination for your fractional executive requirements. Now, you can easily engage with a fractional CEO and lead your business in a completely new direction with the help of COHIRE.

Fractional CEO- What Is the Concept? 

A fractional CEO works on a part-time basis to give your company the skills and experience of a top-tier executive for far less than the cost associated with onboarding a full-time CEO. Fractional CEOs are seasoned to jump at dynamic work environments. They can set the strategic direction of the company and oversee the various teams including finance, operations, accounting, etc. 

Fractional CEOs mainly work as consultants rather than being employed by anyone. They are often paid on a project or an hourly basis. They are hired by companies to assist with management development or offer support to the other corporate executives in director-level positions. So, we can say that a fractional CEO can offer the same benefits to a company as that of a permanent CEO like long–term planning, strategic guidance, decision-making at a fraction of cost.

The fractional CEO is one example of a fractional executive who is suitable for any C-suite role like COO, CFO, CIO, or CHRO. They excel at tasks like offering industry-specific expertise, building relationships, and fostering collaboration among the different teams. Their main job involves driving business growth, developing market plans and representing the company at different events.

Limited budget, Big Goals? Hire a Fractional CEO

Onboarding a fractional CEO is an ideal option for companies that are in need of top-level leadership skills. They bring a fresh perspective to the organization. Fractional CEOs are quite beneficial for particular projects like mergers, acquisitions and reorganization. They also help drive business growth by leveraging their existing industrial connections. So, if your company needs strategic direction,  then you can hire a fractional CEO.

How Does a Fractional Chief Executive Officer Help Your Business Thrive: Key Responsibilities 

The fractional CEOs are responsible for bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to your organization. They also add a strategic direction to your business and drive your company towards immense growth and success. Here are some of the major responsibilities of a fractional CEO:

  • Designing and implementing a strategic vision for your organization.
  • Guiding the management team and overseeing the various critical business operations.
  • Making crucial business decisions and managing the resources effectively.
  • Building strong relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Representing the company before the customers, investors, and partners.

The Key Services Offered by a Fractional CEO:

Strategic planning and implementation: The fractional chief executive officer acts as a driving force for the company’s growth. They set up the strategic direction and then put the plan into action. They are also experts at building teams around the company’s vision.

Leadership and management: The fractional CEOs are responsible for overseeing the entire executive team of the company. They ensure that each team is clear on their actions. They also focus on the key performance metrics and help companies in the achievement of their goals.

Implement best practices: Part-time CEOs can make use of their unique experience of working with different companies and industries to design best practices for your company. This streamline people, process, and technology to improve the company’s overall performance and growth in all areas of business like finance, sales, and marketing.

Build company culture: Fractional CEOs can set the tone of the company and work to implement clear objectives across the organization. That way, everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities. They also align the goals and strategies of the company so that all the teams remain on the same page.

Unlock the Benefits of Engaging With a Fractional CEO from COHIRE:

Industrial experience: A fractional CEO can protect your business against risk and offer a fresh perspective for growth and expansion. Their background, working with other companies in different industrial sectors, can offer you valuable insights that you could not have obtained independently.

Cost-savings: Fractional CEOs can bring in the experience of a seasoned executive at a much lower cost than a permanent position. This allows you to save a lot of money that you can allocate to your core business aspects.

A much-needed change: Bringing about a change can be challenging, and it becomes all the less likely when the leaders are already overburdened with work. A fractional CEO can function as your company’s change agent and help you achieve your objectives.

Market presence: A fractional CEO is well aware of the current market trends. They will help establish your company as a pioneer in your particular industry. This will help align your business goals with the latest industrial trends, leading to higher profits and a wider customer base.

Choosing the Ideal Candidate for the Role of Fractional CEO: 

The steps to onboarding a Fraction CEO are: 

1. Know your needs: Determine why you need a fractional CEO. Is it to give your business strategic insight or to streamline your business operations? Knowing your business needs will help you identify the ideal candidate for the role of CEO.

2. Research and shortlist candidates: Look for experienced professionals who have experience in your exact areas of expertise. You can also reach out to COHIRE and shortlist the ideal candidate for your job role.

3. Interview the candidates: Conduct interviews with your potential candidates to assess their suitability. Also, look for relevant experience, cultural fit and leadership skills.

4. Onboard the fractional CEO: Once you are satisfied with your requirements, you can onboard the CEO and introduce the executive to your existing leadership.

Fractional CEO Job Description:

A fractional CEO is a part-time consultant who acts as a strategic compass for a company. The role of a fractional CEO requires the perfect balance of execution, vision, and leadership. Fractional CEOs make crucial business decisions and also set the company’s strategic direction. They have a profound understanding of the market dynamics and focus on optimizing the different aspects of your business. Fractional CEOs offer their services to both profit and nonprofit organizations and help take the company to the peak of success in no time at all.

The Remuneration of a Fractional Chief Executive Officer:

Fractional CEOs devote a fractional time to your company. So, their remuneration isn’t as high as that of a full-time CEO. Hence, they can easily fit into your company budget. They charge their salaries on an hourly or per-project basis.  The pay rates may also vary significantly depending on factors such as

  • Prior work experience
  • Additional skills and expertise
  • Certifications held

How to Hire a Fractional CEO?

COHIRE has made the entire process of onboarding a fractional CEO really convenient and easy for you. Now you can engage with a fractional CEO by following three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Let us know about the challenges that your company is facing in the absence of a CEO.
  • Step 2: Choose a fractional CEO from our handpicked list of executives.
  • Step 3: Give your business excellent growth within the shortest time.

Why is COHIRE the Best Platform to Hire a Fractional Chief Executive Officer?

COHIRE helps you onboard the ideal fractional CEO for your company. We offer top-notch fractional CEO services to companies growing, struggling, or going through another transition. We will help you pair the right business executive with the available job role. Our experts also help companies benefit from the experience and expertise of a CEO so that they can easily achieve their financial goals. We also help you fast-track your business growth and give your business the desired level of success. 


1. Do I actually need to onboard a Fractional CEO?

There are a few factors that you need to consider like:

  • Whether your company needs strategic leadership to guide you in the right direction.
  • Whether you need to bring in fresh perspective and vision to help you meet your company goals.

So, if you feel that your company lacks the necessary vision, then you must think of onboarding a fractional CEO.

2. How do I actually accomplish the task of hiring a Fractional CEO for my company?

First, you need to understand what exactly your business lacks. 

Based on your findings, you can start looking for a CEO for your company. 

You can also reach out to the experts at COHIRE to help you find the ideal CEO for your job.

3. Which companies need the services of a fractional CEO?

Fractional CEOs are ideal for businesses belonging to varying industries. They are also suitable for all company sizes. It can be a startup or a small business which is ready to grow or an established company looking for new leadership capabilities.