Hire Fractional Chief Communication Officer

In the age of social media, constant communication and relentless scrutiny, staying in the public eye can be challenging for an organization. Every unplanned move can make or break the company. Therefore, every company’s message, action and strategy must be well-thought. Who can help a company to enhance its communication and messaging? A chief communications officer lies at the heart of a reliable and resilient communication strategy. They wear multiple hats as a chief communication officer. The possibilities are endless, from reputation management to CSR strategies and public relations. But can companies looking for cost-effective business solutions onboard such top-level executives? For small and medium-sized companies, the answer is fractional chief communication officer. 

Who is a fractional chief communication officer?

An angry comment or a negative review, if left unattended, can dent the company’s reputation forever. But how can companies effectively address these without jeopardizing their image? It can be a tough nut to crack, especially for inexperienced businesses. Thanks to the evolving business landscape, new companies can access ingenious solutions like a fractional chief communication officer.

A fractional chief communication officer is a C-suite executive who is not associated with the company on a full-time basis but offers guidance and strategies to amplify market presence. Since they are an external resource, fractional CCOs are a cost-effective solution, when compared to in-house chief communication officers. 

They work with the company for specific projects, such as product launches, mergers and acquisitions, or to help them strengthen their messaging for general purposes. A high-pedigree fractional CCO can also support the company in times of crisis, such as reputation issues, bankruptcy, etc. They create empathetic yet strong messages that reach the stakeholders at the right time through the right channels. 

However, they are not only responsible for external communication. A fractional CCO also takes care of the company’s internal communication, such as employee newsletters and memos. Their role is invaluable in internal change and crisis management. 

Do you need a fractional chief communication officer?

As a business that needs to stay in the public eye, a fractional chief communication officer can be an asset. Their role in the organization is more than just making content and framing messages. They support the company in corporate advertising, CSR, event management, marketing, investor relations, public policy, and more. A small and medium-sized business may be unable to accomplish these tasks without expert guidance.

Key responsibilities of a fractional chief communication officer:

Sometimes, a fractional chief communication officer is all you need to develop a lasting positive image of the company in the customers’ and stakeholders’ minds. To give an overview, here are some of the responsibilities of a fractional chief communication officer:

  • Pose as the company’s spokesperson on various online and offline platforms.
  • Build strong relations with journalists and media channels.
  • Improve internal communication within the company.
  • Oversee written, visual and other content formats that are published on websites, social media, and other channels.
  • Mentor the communications team to respond to different types of feedback, manage change and crises, etc.
  • Organize events and interviews during product launches, policy changes, mergers & acquisitions, and other major company events. 

Services offered by a fractional CCO:

Here is a comprehensive list of services you can expect to get from a fractional chief communication officer:

  • Devising strategy for content marketing and communication 
  • Social media management – strategy, monitoring, and analytics 
  • PR management
  • Crisis communication
  • Building media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Leadership
  • Developing and publishing content

Benefits of hiring an expert fractional chief communication officer:

Did you know that a fractional chief communication officer does not only help you streamline the communication messages? There is more to that role. Here’s how your company can benefit from a top-level communications executive:

  • A fractional chief communication officer can help the company through change management, which is often cumbersome and met with resistance.
  • A senior communications officer will help the internal teams to effectively communicate crises and establish a smooth flow of communication.
  • The fractional CCO can maintain a consistent image of the company, therefore building and elevating its reputation across different communication touchpoints.
  • An expert and well-networked fractional communication officer can establish lasting partnerships between the company and external resources, such as the press or media houses.   

How do you select the perfect fractional CCO for your organization?

Here are three tips for finding the best fit fractional chief communication officer:

  1. They must have excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills and can form articulate messages for channels.
  2. Having an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms, content management systems, and publishing software systems is a plus.
  3. Finally, time management, leadership, and organizational skills are assets for this role. 

What does a chief communication officer’s job description look like?

A fractional communication officer is responsible for all communication between the company and its audience. They oversee all channels of communication, including but not limited to social media, press releases, advertising, etc. They wear many hats to establish strong communication. Some of the key responsibilities are delivering speeches, giving statements, formulating and delivering messages, and writing content.  

Standard remuneration of a fractional CCO:

If you think onboarding a fractional chief communication officer will break the bank, think again! Fractional chief communication officers are a cost-effective business solution because their remuneration is flexible and not fixed. The pay scale varies on factors like the number of years in the industry, scope of work, size of company, etc.

How does COHIRE make onboarding a fractional chief communication officer seamless?

At COHIRE, we have designed a simple yet effective process of onboarding high-pedigree fractional chief communication officers in eight simple steps. They are:

Step 1: Tell us why you need a fractional chief communication officer

Step 2: We post an ad for you, highlighting the scope of work and required skills 

Step 3: Use technology like ATS to track all applications

Step 4: We shortlist the best applications for you 

Step 5: You interview the best profiles

Step 6: Learn more about the industry experience of the candidate through relevant case studies

Step 7: Check the references and background of the chosen candidate.

Step 8: Onboard the expert as a fractional chief communication officer.

COHIRE: Your one-stop destination to find the perfect fractional CCO for your organization?

Still wondering where you can find a chief communication officer who understands your needs, aligns with your company values and strengthens your market presence? You are at the right place! COHIRE makes onboarding a fractional chief communication officer simple and hassle-free. From methodical shortlisting and interviewing processes to peaceful conflict resolution services, our expert hiring professionals will do it all! Contact us for more details. 


1. Can a fractional chief communication officer fit into an existing communications team?

Ans: A fractional chief communication officer is an external resource who steps into the organization in a leadership role. They can very well fit with an in-house team to share their wisdom, guide them and formulate strong strategies. The fractional chief communication officer can also offer mentorship to the existing team. 

2. What industries can benefit from a fractional chief communication officer?

Ans: Since effective communication is required in every industry, fractional chief communication can fit everywhere. Small businesses in technology, finance, business, e-commerce, health, and other sectors can benefit from onboarding a fractional chief communication officer.