Flexi Engagement – An Emerging Trend

Flexible engagement can be a great way to change up your career and give you a new sense of motivation – but is it the right move for you?  

It’s essential to understand what flexi engagement means to you specifically. The fact is that for different people depending on the stage of life they are in, this varies. For some it could mean freedom in their physical space, for others it could be creative freedom. For others just the fact that no one restricts you or your thought process. 

According to the google definition – A flexible work arrangement (FWA) empowers an employee to choose what time they begin to work, where to work, and when they will stop working. The idea is to help manage work-life balance, and benefits of flexibility can include reduced employee stress and increased overall job satisfaction. 

However, flexi-engagement is also when experts work on a project-based approach. They give their time and specialised skills to different projects at different periods. This is when firms benefit from experts across various industries. By having access to a pool of talent and knowledge, businesses can complete projects more efficiently and with a higher level of expertise than if they only had in-house employees. 

Similarly, for seasoned professionals this can be an exciting career that offers the chance to have a real impact on businesses and work with a number of different organisations. Gig CXOs are typically highly-skilled, experienced individuals who can quickly take the helm of a project or business scenario and make a real difference. Interim manager roles can also offer highly competitive rates of pay. 

Now while project-based employment has been around for centuries, with most people having to work multiple jobs to support themselves prior to industrialization. Even now, in numerous sectors, it’s more common for top talent to take on only the projects that offer them the most interesting and unique challenges. 

What’s changing in the corporate world is the need for businesses to act and respond to opportunities and challenges more rapidly than ever before- and interim executives can be the key to bridging this make-or-break gap. They bring the experience and expertise businesses need to make quick decisions and pivot when necessary. Additionally, Experts On Demand provide fresh perspectives and can help businesses navigate times of change. Traditionally one would feel that there is security in a job, however, today post the pandemic and globalization, we realize that security lies in knowing one’s strengths and using them to our advantage.

In the new work era of 2023 and beyond, flexibility leads to not only more productivity but a more stable mental health. People need to find balance and space to grow and follow their passion without being caught up in rigid structures and fixed routines. Today more than ever, the value of work over the number of hours put in has taken precedence. There is a reason why organizations are looking at future of work with the lens of hybrid and flexibility. It is a blast from the past to believe that working in employer-controlled workspaces is needed to show productivity or engagement. Many see little reason to revert to old ways of working.  

The future is hybrid. Flexy = More Productivity.

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