Techknomatic Services – Data Analytics Company ( Case Study)


About the client

Techknomatic Services is a data analytics and data visualization company. Founded in 2015, this 7 year old, completely bootstrapped company is based out of Pune. They are a 70 member strong team consisting of data, analytics, and overall business decision making as their 3 core business functions. Techknomatic services use almost all channels to hire talent for their organization. These include online job platforms, professional networking site LinkedIn, offline HR agencies, and referrals.

Key challenge faced by the client

It had been 7 years since Techknomatic Services had been handling customers from India. With a conscious business decision, their current year’s strategy was to expand and move into other markets (outside of India), mainly Singapore and Dubai. The founders felt that being a bootstrapped company they wanted to establish and learn the trade in the domestic market first, so they were yet to offer their services to international clients. This led to the decision to partner with Cohire. They wanted to utilize Cohire’s capabilities and skills to get into these new, international markets. So it was decided by Techknomatic Services to look for a CSO level role (Chief Sales Officer) who could help them define and formulate strategies to enter different markets and gain some traction by finalizing initial partnerships.

The client’s requirement –

The client wanted a senior professional of at least 15 years experience who had worked in international markets. They specifically wanted a C-level mind who had helped companies set up international entities and carry out strategic partnerships.

Three milestones were set by the client for their interim CSO –

  1. Deciding on the prerequisites that would be required or needed to kickstart the project, start building a brand presence, restructure existing brand communications, and set up respective teams.
  2. Strategic tie-ups and partnerships with service providers and allied companies, and procuring more business.
  3. Running the actual engine where Techknomatic Services can churn leads that are generated, thereby enabling their connections to get into multiple companies, have internships registered, and subsequently gain more projects.

Cohire’s solution for the client

We identified this one expert based on the client’s requirements, and they were satisfactorily content. The GigCxO, which was offered by us, worked with Techknomatic Services for 6 months. There were pre-defined milestones or objectives defined by the client which had been the key performance indicators (KPI) for the overall project.

Key results achieved by Cohire

  1. Quick on boarding – within 2 weeks of discussions
  2. Alliances with key large industry service providers like MS, Tableau
  3. Establishment of local partners in UAE & Singapore with deals closed in less than 6 months.

Having a GigCxO — benefits for the client

One of the advantages of going the gigcxo route for executing this business operation,as pointed out by the client, was the quick on-boarding of the resource.

Techknomatic Services could access and include a gig expert easily, which saved them both time and effort; this because if they would have gone ahead to hire a full-time employee then it would have been a three-month cycle of finally having the employee to start his/her employment. They would have had to interview scores of potential candidates and select one, then wait for the notice period of the would-be employee to get over, and then complete the joining formalities. So this is a major benefit — not having to go through the tedious process of hiring a full-time employee and also getting a quick start on the work at-hand by having the gig expert on-board.

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